Hobby Photographer


My name is Jul, I am 22 years old and born in a city close to Frankfurt, Germany. I’m currently studying Business Administration and Economics in Nuremberg.

I made this portfolio to showcase my work to you. People and urban landscapes inspire me the most. Graphic and interior Design are my passion. Feel free to contact me if you want to work with me. Check out my social media accounts for more.

Other Achievements

Snapchat Geofilter:

215 activated filters – 1.7 billion views – 48 million uses


@itzjul/@mylifeasjul – influencer

collaborations with brands like Disney, Microsoft, Burger KingDysonPhilips Hue, Airup, Daniel Wellington and more.

Instagram: 100k+ followers on @itzjul with 1k+ photos published [active]

TikTok: 1.3M+ followers on @mylifeasjul – generating around 20 million views every month [active]

Youtube: 6k subscribers and over 700k video views [inactive]



November 2020: W&V Online

June 2017: FRIZZ Online

June 2017: FRIZZ Magazin (Print only)

May 2017: BILD Online

May 2017: BILD Snapchat Discover

March 2017: AOK ON Magazin (Print only)